Road to Kona

2022 Subaru Road to Kona – Geoffrey Richards

Geoff received over 40 nominations, many from members of the Durham Region Triathlon Club.

Geoff will be competing in Kona to show his daughter Sam that anything is possible. Sam is undergoing treatments for Osteosarcoma and is learning to walk again after her foot was amputated. His mindset is that if his daughter can fight every day for her life, he could push himself through a tricky workout or a hard race.

His fellow club members complimented his uplifting spirit, tenacity and dedication to his wife and family of four children.

Best of luck to Sam with her treatments and to “Fast Geoff” at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i.

A picture of the winner on their bike

Road to Kona is an award program, sponsored by Subaru Canada, that allows the nomination of an IRONMAN athlete to compete in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. If you know someone worthy, who is up for a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and a full marathon (42.2km) please visit us onsite at a Canadian race or go to to submit a nomination.

Subaru Canada - Road to Kona 2021: Gail Vyse

Our award recipient, Gail, is a runner, triathlete and a paramedic from Southwestern Ontario. Gail represented all of the essential and front line workers by serving as a race day volunteer at the Intermountain Health Care Ironman World Championship. Thank you Gail and everyone who volunteers for sport and in their community.

Subaru Canada : En route vers Kona 2019 Kelly Hill

The 2019 Road to Kona award went to Kelly Hill from Edmonton. She is an educational assistant working with high needs kids and has her own busy Ohana. Ironman keeps Kelly going and in the right headspace to deal with family life and 2 daughters batting progressive genetic diseases.

Subaru Canada : En route vers Kona 2018 Mikael Charbonneau-Lemaire

En 2017, Mikael Charbonneau-Lemaire a perdu son frère Jordan dans un accident de vélo alors qu’il s’entraînait pour le Ironman Mont-Tremblant. Après le tragique événement, Mike s’est donné pour objectif de réaliser un jour le rêve de son frère et de participer au Championnat du monde Ironman à Kona. Son récit de courage et de persévérance lui a valu d’être choisi comme lauréat pancanadien du concours En route vers Kona de Subaru.

Subaru Canada : En route vers Kona 2017 Brent Smyth

À titre de lauréat du concours En route vers Kona 2017 organisé par Subaru, Brent Smyth, d’Ottawa en Ontario, a couru son tout premier Championnat du monde IRONMAN. Choisi parmi des milliers de candidats, Brent Smyth a couru pour appuyer Imerman Angels, un organisme de bienfaisance qui offre du soutien individualisé à des personnes atteintes de cancer.

Subaru Canada : En route vers Kona 2016 David Stirling

David Stirling, un pompier de Fort McMurray, a dû renoncer à l’entraînement pour son tout premier IRONMAN pour aller combattre les feux de forêt en Alberta en 2016. Son altruisme et son dévouement lui ont valu de nombreuses nominations de la part de ses amis et de sa famille, et éventuellement, lui ont donné l’occasion de participer à cette compétition emblématique.